Extra Web Services

If you are launching a site from scratch, you may need our extra services which gives you a fast, secure platform on which to base your files and communicate with customers.

We partner with specialised third-party companies to do this and then manage the account on your behalf. This means that all technical issues can be dealt with promptly to ensure no systems go offline unnecessarily.

The extra services you may need

Domain name

A domain name (www.something.com) is like the telephone number system on the Internet. You can choose any name, and extension, which is available.


A server (essentially a very powerful computer) with special software on which becomes the 'home' of your website files and displays it to visitors upon request.

Email Addresses

Once your domain name has been chosen you can set up 'name@something.com' email addresses so different departments can communicate with customers.

File Transfers (FTP)

If you need to transfer files large or small to other businesses, or colleagues within your organisation, you can do so easily and quickly via File Transfer Protocol.

How much does it cost?

We highly recommend UKHost4U, a Scottish hosting provider with the latest and fastest data centre hardware. The basic package, which includes a domain name, Linux hosting, five email addresses and 1Gb file allowance*, costs just £35.99 per year.

This is sufficient for most sites, including eCommerce sites we have made in the past. However there are upgraded packages if you need more FTP space, or extra email addresses. Just contact us about your new website design or development to start the process!

* Total file allowance including website files and archived emails