Aug 15, 2015

Excellent website photography can sell a thousand products

Your product looks AMAZING!! A photographs says a 1000 words... Excellent website photography sells a thousand products and more!!! Why using a professional photographer for your product will bring customers flocking to your page.

We've often seen it. A great website design destroyed by mediocre photography at best, down right terrible photos at worst.

But I've got a camera, anyone can take a good picture and I can take a few snaps, Photoshop can be used to do the rest, RIGHT?

WRONG WRONG WRONG! Excellent photography requires technical skill, imagination, expert creative flair with an eye for colour and form; and above all else, years of experience. In fact some of the best have decades of experience! Not to mention time and effort in post production. Like most things, you also get what you pay for. You're in business because you are good at what YOU do, just as professional photographers are in business because they are experts at what THEY do.

All reasons why your 19 year old niece, just in receipt of a fancy camera may not, in fact, be the best option for your website, if you want a professional result.

But I cannot afford a professional?!

In this case, my question to you would be, can you afford for your product to fail?

It's Ok because I can just adapt stock pictures!

It's true there are a lot of good stock photography websites out there which can be excellent for certain uses such as landmarks and travel photography. But they are not unique to your product and adapting them may bring with it copyright issues or be misleading to customers. Also licenses or multiple uses will often cost a lot more when you decide you want to print up a photo for a store poster which was previously on your website. Custom photos of your product conveying your unique brand to your customers are an asset you can use in the future.

Want to know why Pinterest is so popular? People LOVE looking at lovely photos and saving items they want to buy. Another reason why allowing a Pinterest link will help drive customers to your site, but more on this in a later blog post.

Consider this. Glossy magazines often hook people in with a stunning photo on their cover whilst professional catalogs show alluring product photos to entice their customers. Uninspiring photographs give the customer the impression that the product they are looking at is amateurish or not worth their time. With a click of a mouse they are on to the next thing.

But it needn't be this way; a small investment into this area of your site will pay dividends from day one, aside form just reaching your customers, they'll be saving your site in their favourites and coming back for more You owe it to business and your customers!

So how do you find the right talent when there are so many would-be photographers out there? Word of mouth and looking at other websites is a good place to start. Look at their portfolio examples, do you like their style? How much will it cost for them to travel to your business? How long have they been doing this for? Photography is a tough and very competitive business these days, this tends to weed out the weaker ones, so if they haven't been in business long, be warned.

Because we know it can be a potential minefield, here at Chilli Studios we have done the hard work for you, teaming up with some of the best photographers in the industry who work both across the UK and internationally. We can arrange product photography and styling to give you the full package. If you'd like a free quote or further info, drop us a line here.

In conclusion, if a photograph can say a thousand words... excellent website photography can certainly sell a thousand products!

May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday (tooo Stuuu)

Today is the inaugural day of trading for Chilli Studio... and also Stuart's 30th birthday!

We've taken a lot longer than expected to launch this venture, mainly due to workload (from the new Banana Benders site to the massive custom-coding job for the new Harlow 10 pin bowling booking system).

With beer in hand (courtesy of Arundel Brewery) we launch Chilli Studio... to the future!

(P.S: We're taking bookings now - get in touch for redesign, social media management, custom web development and more!)



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