Chilli the cat

About Chilli Studio

Chilli Studio is the brainchild of husband and wife team Stuart and Sarah Pinfold to unleash their creative skills onto the world.

Together Sarah and Stuart hatched the plan for their business on a cold December wine and leftover Christmas chocolate fuelled evening.

There was just one problem... what to call it?!

Whilst pondering this, the answer presented itself from a somewhat unlikely source: the couple's mischievous ginger and white cat named Chilli, who took the opportunity to cough up a hairball at their feet.

Et Voila, Chilli Studio was born! (and no they didn’t keep the hairball)

About Stuart Pinfold

Stuart Pinfold

A self-confessed computer geek; Stuart has been building websites literally since the web began.

Self taught, he learnt the language of HTML - and then later PHP, CSS and jQuery.

Whilst working as a sound engineer for the BBC World Service and on various web-based projects for the BBC, in his spare time Stuart freelanced as a web developer. This became such a success that he quickly realised it could become a business in its own right.

Stuart is known within his family as IT helpdesk (much to his annoyance despite his ever patient saint-like personality), simply because there is no techie problem he cannot solve.

"Stuart was an absolute pleasure to work with. Patient, extremely helpful, and its really clear he is passionate and committed to his work. As well as being a perfectionist, which matches well with me! I was very impressed and can't recommend him highly enough."

Emma - London Speech Workshop

"A professional web designer with an eye for detail, providing excellent service, at very reasonable price and exceeding expectations at all times. I would happily recommend Sarah to anyone with website design requirements."

Mark - Flowerstalk of London

About Sarah Pinfold

Stuart Pinfold

Sarah has always been a creative type with a keen eye for design. She credits her photojournalist father for instilling a sense of what makes a powerful visual image and her mother for her innate ability to understand colour and form.

Thanks to her father, Sarah became a Photoshop junkie from an early age, and her perfectionist nature means she will obsess over a design until every element works in harmony.

With a talent for creative writing and an intuitive capacity for sussing what will grab the attention of consumers, Sarah also handles the content side of things at Chilli.